Precision mechanical processing company and current mechanical processing information

Precision mechanical processing company and current mechanical processing information

If you are looking for information about a precision mechanical processing company, the steps of mechanical processing, you cannot ignore this article. We will introduce to you the most basic information about the current precision mechanical processing company.

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Learn what is precision machining?

Precision machining is a process that uses mechanical processing and creates products that are highly precise. Machining takes place through pre-programmed commands on the computer.

CNC is computer controlled machining equipment. Because precision mechanical machining is performed using CNC machines, it is also known as CNC machining.

Advantages of Precision

Machining Precision Machining has the following advantages:

  • After the technician enters data into the computer, the control unit will issue commands to the equipment to perform theoperations such as drilling, grinding, milling,… Due to being performed by modern machines, it is possible to manipulate all kinds of materials.
  • The products after the CNC machining process have high accuracy, almost absolute. The surface smoothness is very even, the details are true to the drawings.
  • Precision mechanical processing ensures time saving but improves production productivity. The steps are pre-programmed and operated continuously, so it saves a lot of time and is also very productive.
  • Highly complex and difficult details are easily solved thanks to modern computer technologies. All programs are pre-programmed on the computer for easy implementation.
  • After finishing construction, the precision mechanical processing company can still save the run program for reuse in the next time, saving programming time and increasing production productivity.
  • Just one CNC machining machine can process many materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, … can perform operations such as drilling, stamping, … according to customer requirements .
Modern CNC machines make it easy to work on all materials

Disadvantages of precision mechanical processing company

Due to the actual process Currently, precision mechanical processing requires the use of modern machines and tools, so engineers must have high professional qualifications and experience to operate correctly.

Small precision mechanical processing companies often do not use CNC machines because of the cost as well as the lack of qualified engineers who will do the main machining.

CNC machines are quite complicated to operate and need a qualified engineer to perform

The 9-step machining process of a precision mechanical processing company

The following are the steps of precision machining of the standard precision company:

Step 1: Perform a check of the design data.

It is necessary to check the dimensions, shape and gloss of the materials to be processed.

Step 2: Perform the CAM program setting operation.

It is necessary to set up the NC driver for the CNC machining to take place.

Step 3: Check the CAM program again.

Re-inspection is required to detect errors and take corrective action.

Step 4: Check the machined dimensions.

Check and bring the error to a minimum.

Step 5: Perform 2D, 3D identification

When detecting problems that need to be repaired quickly.

Step 6: Perform detailed inspection and review.

Need to determine the types of knives, the order of inserting the knives for accuracy.

Step 7: Check and compare the workpiece with the drawing.

See if the materials need heat treatment, if necessary, heat treatment.

Step 8: Perform fine CNC machining.

Create detailed shapes and complete according to the drawings given.

Step 9: Conduct evaluation, re-check the size.

It is necessary to check the dimensions of the part compared to the drawing.

Above is the information about precision mechanical processing company , the steps to conduct CNC machining. Hopefully, the above information will help customers choose the product, the exact mechanical processing company in accordance with the requirements of the customer.