Mechanical processing products quality not only helps improve production efficiency but also saves long-term costs for businesses. Apro is one of the leading quality mechanical processing units in Vietnam. Let’s find out more below the following article.

Quality of processed products

Majority of mechanically processed products are machine parts, so accuracy is considered one of the most important factors in mechanical processing. This standard is considered on the following aspects:

  • The product is machined to the right dimensions, high accuracy, and negligible tolerances. The product created meets the requirements, reducing repair or replacement costs.
  • The shape of the processed product is in accordance with the drawings and processing requirements: circle, cylinder, flat shape, cone, etc.
  • Relative position of standard processed product as required such as: perpendicular, concentric. , parallel.
  • The joints of the parts need to be “standard” to match when actually assembled.
ISO 9001:2015 certificate at Apro.

Surface of processed product meets standard

Surface of mechanically processed product is an important criterion in the quality of the part after machining. And is appraised through the following aspects:

  • The roughness of the shiny and beautiful machined surface after processing the details.
  • The lower the surface wave, the better the machining quality of the product is evaluated.
  • The texture of the machined surface depends on the machining method to shape the surface and the law of the cutting motion.
  • There are no defects on the product surface.

System of machinery, technology and processing lines

Apro unit is fully equipped with a variety of machines such as lathes, cutting machines, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, etc. all requirements for mechanical processing. At the same time, with advanced and diversified technology and lines, the accuracy and aesthetic value of the product will be improved, thereby bringing the most perfect processing quality assessment results.

Modern machinery and equipment system at Apro.

High aesthetics of processed products

Quality of mechanical processing is the aesthetic criterion of the product cannot be ignored. Committed to processing products to ensure color and aesthetic value according to the requirements of customers. This criterion is especially important for externally processed details such as: machine shells, household appliances, etc.

For example, for machine parts made from steel, a shiny surface is required. smooth, with the metallic color of steel, not the yellow of copper or the gray of aluminum.

Diverse machining methods, mechanical processing materials for customers

Apro uses a variety of mechanical processing methods and materials such as: precision machining, turning, milling, planing, grinding, mechanical processing. precision gas molds, mechanical punching, machining jigs, … fully meet the needs of customers.

Moreover, we also perform processing on many types of materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel, wood, plastic, … in the most professional way.

A team of workers and engineers specialized in mechanical processing

In addition to machinery and equipment, Apro also owns a team of highly qualified workers and engineers with many years of experience in mechanical processing. will bring the best quality products to customers.

Apro owns a team of experienced workers and engineers.

Time to complete mechanical processing and product

Delivery Business credibility is always appreciated in any field. And the time to complete mechanical processing as well as product delivery is an important factor determining the credibility of each business. Apro processing unit with on-time completion time, quick product delivery will be a prestigious address that customers should prioritize cooperation.

Hopefully with the above article, customers have had more useful information to choose a quality