The Principles of Price Formation

The cost of the CNC services depends on a couple of factors:

First of all, the price of the part depends on the complexity of the part, therefore on the time required for the preparation (programming, set up time, equipment adjustment etc.) and actual processing time to manufacture the part. The type of raw material used for the part and additional works (such as galvanic coating) also influence on the price.

Such factors as batch volumes and possibility of future orders also have significant influence on the price.

Examples of prices for finished products by type of work

Prices for turning services in APRO

APRO is a leading manufacturer of parts and mechanisms for various industries. We manufacture parts of different levels of complexity, shapes and constructions of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloys and plastics in accordance with the technical requirements and drawings of the customer. With many years of professional experience, team of professional engineers and wide range of modern CNC machines, we can guaranty you high quality of our products, convenient prices and short lead time.

The cost of turning services depends on a couple of factors that are taken into account during the order processing:

  1. The volume of the ordered batch –the bigger the quantity, the cheaper price per unit.
  2. Complexity of the part – such things as design features, geometric shapes, product sizes directly determine the cost of work.
  3. Time which will be required for the set up processes (CNC programming of the machines, set up of operating modes etc.). The hour rate is formed by our experts.
  4. The actual processing time – you can find the price by filling out a form for a quick calculation of the cost of work. Please indicate your contact details and attach the drawing (model) of the part.
  5. The raw material or galvanic services (metal coating that helps to improve performance characteristics of the part) also influence on the price of the product.

You can order turning services with our company. The price for the products is fully justified by quality of the parts. Apart from CNC turning services, APRO offers CNC milling works. The algorithm of the calculation for milling services will be the same as the one mentioned above. Affordable prices and sharp manufacturing terms are our main principles. For a better understanding of our prices for CNC milling works, please refer to the samples of milling parts mentioned above.


qty, pcs price per pcs, uah processing material
50 43,92 turning LS 59
100 39,28 turning LS 59
1000 34,72 turning LS 59
5000 32,52 turning LS 59