What is special about the mechanical production process in our country?

What is special about the mechanical production process in our country?

Currently, the mechanical manufacturing industry in the country is very popular, but this is a very abstract concept for those who are new to the profession or in other industries. In this article, we will provide you with specific information about the mechanical manufacturing as well as the processes for its implementation.

Learn about mechanical production activities Mechanical

Application of machines in precision mechanical production

manufacturing is a production process, using advanced and modern machines and equipment with high precision to create mechanical products, parts and components. installation details are of the same size. The products created from this process always have high precision, the details are uniform according to the customer’s wishes. This mechanical production activity is often used in economic activities of machine manufacturing industries and activities serving human life.

Mechanical manufacturing industry , also known as precision mechanics, is an activity that uses advanced and high-tech machines such as grinding machines, milling machines, lathes, etc., in combination with other high technologies. to create high quality products that meet customer requirements. In mechanical manufacturing, we also use the principles of thermodynamics, the laws of conservation of mass and other energies to design, manufacture and create important parts and components such as : aircraft, industrial machines, detailed products,…

Currently, the mechanical manufacturing industry has made many outstanding developments. A number of specialized machines in the mechanical manufacturing industry such as: CNC cutting machines, laser cutting machines,… These high-tech machines help produce high-precision, high-quality products. and save much effort in production. The types of materials used in mechanical production include common materials such as steel, aluminum, iron,…

Commonly used technologies in mechanical production

Using billet-free processing technology : This is a pressure-based machining technology, also known as hot machining, this activity includes specific processes such as: cold stamping, hot stamping, welding, forging, ….

Using machining technology Non-workpiece machining: This technology uses activities such as turning, grinding, cutting, trimming, …

In addition to the above technologies, the mechanical manufacturing industry also has other activities such as: ultrasonic machining. , machining by electron beam, machining by spark generated from electricity, …

The role of the mechanical manufacturing industry

The mechanical processing industry has gradually changed manual processing activities

The mechanical manufacturing industry has a very large and very clear role to the development of the economy. home country economy. Today’s mechanical processing industry has gradually replaced manual processing activities. Thereby increasing labor productivity, saving time and costs.

Thanks to the applications in the mechanical manufacturing industry, knowledge and quality of life are improved and expanded.

Today, the mechanical manufacturing industry has become a key industry, becoming the basis and foundation for the development of the country. 

Process of the mechanical manufacturing industry

Through production tools under the support and influence of people to create mechanical products. Each stage will correspond to a different stage and part.general, it consists of the following basic steps:

  • Step 1: Listening to customers’ ideas and wishes from which to initially design products
  • Step 2: Proceed to select suitable forms, properties and technical requirements
  • Step 3: Select manufacturing methods, select preforms
  • Step 4: Conduct production planning, specific steps
  • Step 5: Select appropriate equipment in the basic manufacturing process gas
  • Step 6: Calculation and determination of residuals during processing
  • Step 7: Check product quality before handing over to customers
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