Galvanic service of all kinds of cheap materials

Galvanic service of all kinds of cheap materials

Galvanic service is being interested by many consumers today. Because plating is an important step in many manufacturing industries. This process helps to increase the aesthetics and durability of the cement product. So where to choose galvanic service for materials? Let’s find out below the following article. 

What is plating? Metal plating method

Plating method Plating is a method of treating metal surfaces according to the most advanced and modern technology by coatings on a metal base to create a number of features for the product.

This is a method of finishing metal surfaces. It plays an important role in the durability and life of the product, the details after hard chrome plating can increase the life up to 5 times compared to conventional products. 

In the mechanical industry, plating is used to increase surface hardness, increase life, increase wear resistance, and create gloss for products.

Thanks to the coating’s high anti-corrosion protective response metal-based, so today the plating industry is widely applied. Depending on the needs and purposes of use, people can choose different plating methods: electroplating or hot dipping.

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Some common plating materials include:

  • Gold Plating: Used in jewelry, electronics and other anti-corrosion products.
  • Chrome Plating: Finishing treatment using electrolytic chromium deposition.
  • Tin Plating : Widely used to protect ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.
  • Nickel plating: Compared with cadmium plating, this plating is harder, but lower in corrosion resistance, lubrication and ductility.
  • Rhodium Plating: Occasionally used on gold, silver or white copper, and its alloys.

These coatings all have different special features as well as distinct roles for each product.

After being plated with metal, the material will have outstanding features such as:

  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Product hardness increases.
  • Increases adhesion and stickiness for coatings.
  • Resistant to rust and oxidation.
  • Increased resiliency.

The professional plating service of materials at Apro

Apro is one of the units trusted by customers and chooses the plating service of all kinds of materials. With many years of experience in the plating industry, with a team of highly skilled and dedicated workers in the profession. Committed to providing high-precision, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, quality products, especially at an affordable cost, that fully meet your standards and requirements.

Plating technology is a technology to protect metal surfaces from the effects of the environment by coating a thin layer of zinc on the surface of the product. This plating is made by dipping the metal into a tank of molten zinc. Over time, the zinc coating will turn gray gradually but does not affect the surface protection properties of the product. 

Our company Apro specializes in receiving plating for the most prestigious and professional metal parts, components and accessories. 

Plating service of all kinds at Apro Zinc Co., Ltd

Zinc plating: 7-color zinc, hot-dip galvanized, black zinc, Cr3+, Cr6+, white and blue zinc.

Aluminum plating: aluminum tinting, aluminum anode, aluminum surface protection.

Nickel plating: glossy nickel, matte nickel, black nickel, nickel-chromium plating, chemical nickel plating (non-electrical nickel).

Gold color: 18k gold plated, 24k…

Chromium plating: decorative chromium plating, chrome plating on aluminum, stainless steel, iron. Machining, turning, grinding, hard chromium plating to restore rolling mills, hydraulic cylinders, shafts, rollers, tybens, … with high hardness and precision, anti-wear.

Copper plating: red copper plating, brass, antique imitation copper.

Electrolyte stainless steel, stainless steel. Metal polishing, stainless steel, surface sandblasting.

Plating, restoring machine details.

Why is plating service necessary in life?

Plating is one of the best anti-rust surface coating methods available today. The galvanized layer will not peel off like when using paint, because the metal is alloyed with the substrate, this is an alloy of iron that is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, so galvanized products such as screws, bolts, or equipment placed outdoors such as railways, electric poles, … are often widely used in construction works.

In order to keep the coating beautiful, immediately after plating, it is necessary to regularly process more colorless paints, color paints, passivates, etc. Thanks to this treatment measure, it will help to keep the galvanized layer improved in durability. chemistry.

Galvanic service is widely used in manufacturing industries.

Application of plating in today’s life

Cementing method Metal plating is applied in most of the household appliances, household appliances, aircraft, automobiles, jewelry, medical equipment, etc. Thanks to its anti-rust, anti-abrasion ability, Increasing the hardness and durability of materials, plating has contributed to creating the best quality products for human life.

The plating layer protects the metal from the adverse effects of the environment and the climate, helping to prevent the items from staining and rusting to the maximum. The color and durability of the product is also maintained for a long time, which can save costs.

The application of plating technology to the manufacturing and manufacturing industries has brought to life perfect products with high aesthetics and quality. Depending on the properties and intended use of the product, we can apply a specific plating coating to meet all requirements.

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If you have a need to learn as well as looking for cheap but quality and reputable fake plating products, please contact Apro immediately. With many years of experience and skills, Apro specializes in providing prestigious and quality galvanic service with the most reasonable prices. 

We are a unit trusted by many customers with quality hot-dip galvanizing, maintaining product durability, fast delivery time, reasonable prices along with many outstanding advantages. Coming to us, you will be clearly advised about galvanic service by professional staff as well as the most advanced and modern production process today. 

Apro specializes in providing cheap material plating services.

Quotation for cheap galvanic service at Apro Mechanical Engineering 

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We are committed to you with quality galvanic service:

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  • Do not produce poor quality goods.
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  • Friendly, attentive staff. 

Above is galvanic service that we provide for your reference. If you have a need for plating materials of all kinds, please contact Hotline: +84 774 168 999 for support staff.