Prestigious – quality CNC milling service at Apro

Prestigious – quality CNC milling service at Apro

If you are looking for a reputable CNC milling service, you can contact Apro immediately. We receive precision CNC milling according to the requirements of customers nationwide. With the working motto of upholding the prestige, the quality of products and services always satisfy customers. Let’s learn more about CNC milling service below.

Professional – accurate – quality CNC milling service 

Apro is one of the units providing CNC milling services nationwide with single product orders, design and manufacturing orders according to customer requirements.

With modern machinery and equipment, together with our team of highly qualified engineers and mechanics, we will bring you high-quality and high-precision products. We have a dedicated quality control team to check and ensure that all CNC machined parts meet customer requirements.

Our CNC milling service for a wide range of manufacturing possibilities, provides you with a comprehensive and satisfactory solution for your product development project.

Professional CNC milling service at Apro.

Learn about CNC

Milling CNC milling is the cutting and drilling of materials by automatic machines thanks to the circular motion of a cylindrical milling cutter. . Milling cutters come in a variety of sizes and forms to suit each metal and the characteristics of the product to be machined.

The combination of CNC milling machine and digital technology will make the metal cutting process more perfect, creating details with high definition and accuracy, thereby reducing prototyping costs. CNC milling machines not only serve in industrial fields such as manufacturing and manufacturing automobiles, aerospace parts, but also applied in the production of household appliances, advertising, etc.

Why use them? CNC milling service?

  • CNC milling service is one of the popular cutting and machining methods in today’s technology era. 
  • The ability to accurately CNC milling on 3D drawings from simple to complex by the movement of the cutter head, according to the coordinates of 3 x, y, z axes, reciprocating movement, rotating around the coordinate axes.
  • Productivity is higher than mechanical and traditional milling with machine support and user manipulation thanks to increasingly intelligent mechanical structures, control systems and CAD/CAM software.
CNC milling is a popular cutting and machining method.

Professional CNC milling process at Apro 

Step 1: Receiving customer requests 

We will receive drawings or samples by email or any other form as long as it is fast and most convenient for both customers and Apro units.

Step 2: Design consultation and quote 

After receiving your request, our engineer team will make a manufacturing or processing plan, then send a quote and product completion time to you. customers as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Sign a service contract

After you agree with the entire quote, time and options that Apro offers, both parties will agree and then proceed to sign the contract.

After signing the contract, depending on the value of the order or your processing needs. We will take the deposit cost.

Step 4: Conduct CNC milling

We will carry out production and CNC milling according to the drawings agreed with the customer.

Step 5: Quality Check 

After the product is completed, our engineer team will check the quality, polish the product, then send the finished product to customers for review and approval. If the customer agrees, we will pack and ship it to the customer.

Step 6: Handover and acceptance of products 

Handover products to customers. Customers proceed to pay the remaining value of the contract and then terminate the contract.

Popular CNC machining services at Apro

  • CNC milling services: Milling of products, product blanks with many different materials and molds of all kinds.
  • CNC turning service.
  • Processing services of all kinds of molds: aluminum molds, stainless steel molds, plastic molds, copper molds,…
  • Processing all kinds of jigs and jigs.
  • Services on drilling, cutting all kinds of products.
  • Service of gear processing, gear shaft processing, rack gear processing, gear box processing, screw processing.
  • Mechanical processing services on request. 
Apro specializes in providing prestigious CNC machining services.

Receive CNC milling according to customer requirements

We use cutting tools such as: milling cutter, drill bit, endmill… for face milling, hole drilling, slotting, boring. Milling machine with rotation of the spindle and providing movement to the workpiece.

Precision mechanical processing by lathes and milling machines is a post-machining process. Because the product does not have the desired accuracy, it is necessary to process the processing with a few stages such as grinding, polishing, etc. to make the product more accurate.

CNC milling is an indispensable stage of a professional mechanical workshop. Milling is one of the ways to save costs while maintaining quality.

In the past, milling was a rather complicated process, but today, thanks to CNC milling technology, everything has become a lot easier. With just one CNC milling machine, it is possible to fully meet all the requirements of a workshop. From simple to complex problems, the machining time is also shortened, the effect is high accuracy.

The most important thing in using CNC milling is the selection of the cutter, the programmer must always pay attention to the tool radius and the radius of the intersection corners. Because if used incorrectly, it will greatly affect the details of the product.

Regarding the CNC milling machine, it is capable of cutting many types of materials such as iron, stainless steel, steel, aluminum … With an intelligent computer system and a variety of cutters moving in many directions such as straight, horizontal, vertical, circle… Even moving in 3D space. If we use a CNC milling machine with many axes, we can use more machining profiles.

Apro’s commitment to CNC milling services 

  • The processed products are delivered on schedule.
  • Ensure product quality meets customer requirements.
  • Delivery quickly.
  • Support shipping costs for customers.
  • Helpful and dedicated consultants.
  • Competitive price in the market.
  • Lifetime product warranty.

Above is the CNC milling service that we have introduced for your reference. If you have a need for professional and cheap CNC machining at Apro, please contact Hotline: +84 774 168 999 to be consulted by a support staff.